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Aluxor Folding Arm Discus

Aluxor Folding Arm Discus



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The Discus (Full Cassette) is a stylish, compact awning, designed for more demanding residential and commercial applications.

With a fully enclosed cassette only 124mm high and 234mm deep when retracted, this awning provides optimal protection for the fabric and working mechanism against dirt, rain and humidity. Its compact design makes it ideal for top fix, wall fix or recessed mounting installations.

The tilting arm bracket mechanism is incorporated into the extruded aluminium frame, designed for extra strength and stability and can be set at any angle up to 35°.

Single units of up to 7 metres in length by 3.5 metres in projection are available and coupled units can extend up to 14 metres as a single awning.

The unit is fully motorised with optional hand held remote control and sun, wind and timer systems.



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Aluxor Discus Brochure