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Carbolite Polycarbonate Bullnosed Window Awnings

Carbolite Polycarbonate Bullnosed Window Awnings




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Bull nose window awnings offer the traditional colonial look. The window awning system allows the awnings to be set at any angle. The rear receiving channel is affixed and the awning simply clicks in and fastened. You can set the awning to any pitch to suit your needs.The awnings come in the following projections of 960mm, 1160mm, 1450mm and 1600mm. When you need an awning greater than this, you will need to go to a patio cover.

The bull nose itself is created by heat forming sheets. The sheet is placed in a heat forming oven which then heats and softens the sheet. The sheet is then wrapped around a barrel attachment and cooled.The end result is a perfectly formed curve. The radii is set at 380mm which is a very tight curve.

Bull nose awnings are perfect for areas where head height areas are limited as they can be placed on smaller falls.

The awnings come in a variety of colour choices where you can mix and match. There are five (5) sheet choices of 8mm twin walled polycarbonate and four (4) aluminium joining bar colours. However, for an extra charge, we are able to powder coat to any special colour.

Each polycarbonate sheet with the H Bar is 725mm centre to centre. So 2 sheets starts at 1500mm wide and then simply add 725mm for each panel to determine the width you need. The sheets have UV protection on both sides of the sheets for greater protection.

Window awning attachment brackets – the arm attachment is a simple bracket system. Simply fastened the bracket to the wall and the bracket slips into the 38mm RHS arm. The arms can be cut to any size on site to determine your pitch.