LUXAFLEX Newstyle Timber Shutters

Luxaflex Newstyle Timber Shutters Sydney

Luxaflex Newstyle Timber Shutters Sydney

LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Timber Shutters provide the timeless beauty and enduring craftsmanship of a quality timber product custom made for your home.

Featuring an impressive range of painted and stained colour options in a new lightweight hardwood timber, the Luxaflex Newstyle Range offers a beautiful combination of functionality, durability and quality.

Designed to complement your interior space, each shutter is custom made to your window or door’s exact specification.

Style and Function to Suit Your Home and Needs

The standard hinged option is suitable for small to medium sized windows and can consist of one or more rectangular shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations.

There are a number of bi-fold styles suitable for varying widths and window heights. The bi-fold option not only creates space but provides a modern look that allows you to enjoy seamless indoor, outdoor flow.

The sliding system allows you to cover wide openings, and is a wonderful way to treat sliding doors to match the rest of your windows. Sliding applications require the use of a top track and either bottom guides or a bottom track.