Markilux 1550 Jellybean Lifestyle

  • Markilux 1550 Jellybean Lifestyle

    Markilux 1550 Jellybean Lifestyle

  • Award-winning awning featuring integrated low-voltage halogen lighting.

    Displaying similar characteristics to the markilux 1500 Jellybean semi-cassette awning, the markilux 1550 Jellybean Lifestyle is fitted with up to five, 12-volt, swivelling, halogen downlights. This iF Product Design Award awning has been widely installed in cafes, restaurants and homes.

    Create the perfect ambience for romantic evenings, alfresco dining and entertaining.

    Available in the new Lounge Collection – the exclusive nano powder coated frame finishes offer the latest in unparalleled self cleaning technology. These durable, harmonious and timeless colours are now available as part of the Lounge style: nano cream white matt finish, nano stone grey metallic and nano anthracite metallic.


Lights are completely integrated within the front profile.

  • The 12-volt, 35 watt halogen downlights can be tilted through 90º.
  • Lighting can be controlled by either a wall switch or remote control, with the addition of a dimmer function.
  • Attractive, oval-shaped arms with gas-primed pistons keep the fabric cover taut.
  • The 50mm round steel torque bar prevents twisting and bowing, ensuring stability.
  • The oversized 85mm roller tube ensures cover rolls evenly, preventing sagging.
  • All moving joints are solidified drop-forged aluminium.
  • The dynamic, smooth finishing of the cover board gives the unit the appearance of a cassette awning, with no gaps or overhang when retracted.
  • The integrated brush system sweeps loose debris from fabric, ensuring the fabric cover remains clean.
  • Pitch of the awning can be set between 0º and 50º.
  • Standard operation is manual with a 5:1 ratio gearbox and removable, stainless-steel winding handle.
  • Three lights up to 4.1m wide.
  • Five lights from 4.1m wide.


  • Maximum width of 6.6m.
  • Maximum extension of up to 3.5m.
  • Custom-made awnings up to 13.0m wide with the inclusion of a junction roller and split covers.


  • Somfy motorisation with remote and automatic controls and sensors.
  • Accessories include wall-sealing profile, removable side blind and coloured end caps.
  • Integrated infrared radiant heating module.