Markilux 6000 Uber Cocoon

  • Markilux 6000 Uber Cocoon

    Markilux 6000 Uber Cocoon


  • The next generation in sun shading.

    Committed to being the market leader in awning technology and innovation, markilux has developed the new 6000 Uber Cocoon.

    This prize-winning awning is equipped with technical innovations that set new standards in design, quality and durability for sun shading.

    The 6000 Uber Cocoon is available in three distinct lines Club, Studio and Lounge that complement various styles in architecture.

    Available in the new Lounge Collection – the exclusive nano powder coated frame finishes offer the latest in unparalleled self cleaning technology. These durable, harmonious and timeless colours are now available as part of the Lounge style: nano cream white matt finish, nano stone grey metallic and nano anthracite metallic.


  • Bionic Tendon – New folding-arm element manufactured using exceptionally stable and strong blend of two manmade woven fibres, enabling a tensile strength up to 15 times greater than steel.
  • Stress-tested to over 50,000 movements without any signs of stress, wear, tear or fatigue used daily, that is a lifespan of more than 50 years.
  • Extreme strength, able to bear more than 10,000 Newtons of tensile force. At around one tonne, this is the equivalent to the weight of a small car.
  • Tendon optimises the transmission of force from the arm joint to the front profile which in turn improves the fabric cover tension.
  • All moving joints are solidified drop-forged aluminium and arm profiles are made of 4mm aluminium extrusion, providing extreme strength.
  • Ensures friction-free, noiseless bending of the arms.
  • Highly tear-resistant, durable and maintenance free.
  • Strong, oversized 85mm roller tube ensures cover rolls evenly, preventing sagging.
  • Standard operation is manual with a 5:1 ratio gearbox and a removable, stainless-steel winding handle.
  • Modular Clip-on Accessory Lifestyle™ System – tailors the optional functions to individual requirements.


  • Maximum width of 7.0m.
  • Extension up to 4.0m.
  • Custom-made awnings up to 14.0m wide, with the inclusion of a junction roller and split covers.


  • Servo assisted gear box.
  • Somfy motorisation with remote and automatic controls and sensors.
  • Shadeplus manual or motorised extendable drop valance.
  • Fluorescent Tubular and LED lighting system modules.
  • Integrated infrared radiant heating module.