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Markilux 710/810 with Guide Wires

Markilux 710/810 with Guide Wires



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The uncomplicated system with sturdy and sleek cable guides.

The reliable and refined engineering guarantees ease of assembly and the markilux trademark of high-quality materials and manufacturing expertise promises an enduring lifespan. With a wide selection of sunscreen fabrics available, you can maintain your view while blocking out harsh UV light and heat with the Markilux 710/810.


  • 4mm PVC coated, galvanised cable guides, this straightforward and proven model provides cool shade and comforting light.
  • Made-to-measure, this model can suit any window size up to 5.0m wide x 3.5m drop.
  • Ability to couple two blinds together up to 10.0m wide x 3.5m drop, motorised operation only.