Markilux 730/830 with Gas Piston Arms

  • Markilux 730/830 with Gas Piston Arms

    Markilux 730/830 with Gas Piston Arms


  • The drop-arm awning with perfected gas-piston tensioned arms

    The inclination of the Drop-arm Cassette Awning provides precisely the right angle to allow for shade where needed while permitting sufficient light and airflow. Exceptional engineering, high-quality materials and first-class manufacturing turns your markilux into the most practical enhancement to grace the facade of your home – with the option to completely cover the fitted window, if needed.



  • Gas-piston tensioned arms, offering maximum wind stability and a fully concealed cassette with a self-sealing and inter-locking front profile.
  • Provides totally flexible protection against light and heat.
  • Optimised gas-piston, tensioned arms enable friction-free movement of the drop-arms and ensures an extremely taut fabric cover.
  • Arms able to pivot through every angle up to 140º, with a possible arm length of up to 1.5m.
  • The fabric cover sits perfectly at every angle and good fabric cover tension is achieved even when the awning is only partially extended.
  • Made-to-measure, this model can be fitted to any window size – up to 7.0m width individually or 14.0m width when coupled, motorised operation only.
  • Individual awning widths greater than 4.0m come with three arms and a split cover.