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  • Ziptrak Interior

    Ziptrak Interior

  • Ziptrak® Interior track guided blinds provide superior insulation and sun protection. Designed specifically to enhance your indoor comfort and style.

    Only Ziptrak® Interior Blinds offer:

    Stylish design with complete privacy control
    Exceptional light block out
    Superior insulation for reduced energy bills
    Effortless glide with the touch of a finger
    Secure hold in any height position

    Our patented tracks lock the fabric on both sides of the blind, which closes all gaps to provide maximum insulation, thus reducing any heat gain or loss.

    You will enjoy the very best in quality, manufacture and contemporary design, along with ease of operation and low maintenance.

    Ziptrak® Interior Blinds are perfect for:

    Residential bedrooms, lounge rooms and home theatres
    Commercial hotel rooms and conference rooms

    Many customisation options are available, including:

    Wide range of fabrics for different translucent opacity
    Choice of motorised operation
    Anodised aluminium finish or customised colouring

    Smooth Operation

    Interior system are easy and safe to operate – no cords or chains. Using our specially engineered springs, the Ziptrak® Interior system glides up and down, stopping in any position. Electric operation as an option makes it even easier.


    The fabric edge is locked into small side tracks to ensure that there is no light and no flapping of blinds when the window is open. By creating a sealed space between the glass and blind, this minimises air escaping from the space, enhancing the insulation performance of your blinds and maximising your eco value!

    Stylish Pelmet

    To complete the Ziptrak® Interior blind system, a stylish pelmet provides an attractive solution to suit any interior, improves the super quiet operation and results in greater value for your investment.