CARBOLITE was formed in 1991 to cater for the growing need for translucent awnings. The product needed for this awning had to follow certain criteria. It had to be strong to withstand the elements of mother nature; it had to be flexible for attractive design; and it had to be practical for it to be considered as an awning alternative.

The material chosen was polycarbonate. CARBOLITE then developed equipment to thermo form or “curve” the sheets. This allowed the introduction of the attractive bull nose design.  Heavy advertising in 1993 saw the product profile rise and has done so ever since. CARBOLITE then introduce a wide array of applications. From small window coverings to large commercial applications, CARBOLITE cover a wide variety of designs to suit all needs.

CARBOLITE is a dedicated wholesaler of premium polycarbonate products and systems. We believe we differ from standard suppliers of material due to our array of systems rather than simple products.

CARBOLITE uses premium grade polycarbonate and source most of our other materials from well known Australian businesses. Names like BHP, GE Lexan and G James extrusions to name a few.

CARBOLITE introduced in 2010 the COBERTECNIC opening roof system and have recently introduced the Stainless Steel awnings from Germany, LIGHTLINE.

CARBOLITE continue to innovate new products from their research and development team. For Carbolite Awnings Sydney, talk to the experts at Illawarra Blinds and Awnings in Bexley.

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