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Carbolite Arm Supported Awnings

Carbolite Arm Supported Awnings



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Arm supported louvre awnings are simply a variation to our cantilevered style. The louvre panel is attached at the rear to a 50mm angle.The awning is then supported by 38mm x 25mm RHS arms using the standard CARBOLITE awning brackets. The arms can be attached either below OR above the awning.

The advantages of the arm supported awning (compared to the cantilever) are two fold. Firstly, the awnings can be set at angles as the fixing allows this to happen. This is great news for people with western facing windows and doors. The cost of these awnings also is considerably lower as the arm fixing is a cheaper alternative.

The louvre panels can be either 65mm RHS slat or 85mm eliptical slat.Both slats are set at 57 degrees.

These awnings can also be waterproofed as the louvre can have a 3.0mm clear polycarbonate sheet on top to prevent water penetrating.



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Carbolite Louvrelux Brochure